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  • Implementation of CRM is a Competitive Tool for Indian Banking Sector

Dr Swayambhu Mishra, Faculty Dept of Business Administration, Ravenshaw University Dr. Kishore Kumar Das Head, Dept of Business Administration, Ravenshaw University

Customer Relationship Management has emerged as a popular business strategy in today’s competitive environment. It is a discipline which enables the companies to identify and target their most profitable customers. CRM involves new and advance marketing strategies which not only retain the existing customers but also acquire new customers. It has been invented as a unique technique capable of remarkable changes in total output of companies. While the concept of relationship marketing was formally introduced in early 90s when financial services, airlines and other service institutions stated to ‘reward to retain’ the existing customers by introducing loyalty programs, CRM is only a product of the late nineties. The purpose of this paper is to find the differences in an organization’s services employing CRM vis a vis others, as perceived by the customer

  • The Responsive Bureaucracy: A Roadmap to Agility for Government Institutions

Justin J. Data* James Ondracek* Mohammad Saeed** Andy Bertsch* *Minot State University, North Dakota, USA **Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The stereotype of government institutions is that they are slow, stodgy bureaucracies staffed by uncaring public servants. Although to an extent this stereotype was created by inefficient governments around the world, to say also that governments cannot shake this image to become models of efficiency and customer-centricity is not a fair statement. Enclaves of government officials and civil servants are eager (and more likely, becoming required) to modifytheir institutions in the face of rapidly changing technological advances which demand a more flexible and adaptive mode of operations.

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