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International Research Journal of Human Resources and Social Sciences (IRJHRSS)
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  • A Study of NITI Aayog in Relation to Public Policy and Planning Commission

  • Amritanshu Pandey1* and S.P. Shukla2

“NITI Aayog” is a Government of India policy ‘think tank’ that aims ‘to foster involvement and participation in the economic policy making process by the State Governments of India’. Indeed, the NITI Aayog literally means the ‘Policy Commission’. The Prime Minister serves as the Ex-officio Chairman of NITI Aayog. Unlike Planning Commission, the NITI Aayog does not have the power of allocating central funds to State Governments, and that has now been directed to be done by Finance Ministry of the Government of India. Thus, NITI Aayog facilitates and empowers the critical requirement of good governance, which is people-centric, participative, collaborative, transparent and policy-driven.


  • Dr. Rao, Sam Vinay Dr. Rana, Pooja

The grim onset of the pandemic, while creating panic and chaos amongst the public at large, however, proved to be a veritable boom for OTT platforms which began to serve as an alternative and viable form of entertainment, after all the traditional venues of entertainment were either blocked or difficult to access. The Boston Consulting Group predicted that the Indian OTT market will reach $5 billion in size by 2023. According to a Deloitte report, the emerging OTT market, with channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV will pose a serious threat to traditional entertainment recourses like Television and Cinema theatres (Deloitte, 2017).

  • स्वामी विवेकानंद का शैक्षिक विचार और आज की शिक्षा प्रणाली में इसका महत्व

  • बिमलेश कुमार दुबे, डा संजीव कुमार,

स्वामी विवेकानंद का शैक्षिक विचार और आज की शिक्षा प्रणाली में इसका महत्व

  • New Challenges to Mainstream Academics A study on the viability of MOOCs as an alternative to academic institutions

  • Gurleen Kaur Hans and Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Rana

Since the internet's inception, almost no field has remained unscathed. This is true in the field of education as well. In today's competitive environment, online education is booming. Major changes have recently occurred in the sphere of education, and the fundamental shift in the operation may be felt. This reorganisation of the educational process will have unexpected results. This paper examines the challenge that MOOC courses pose to established academic institutions as an alternate form of learning and education.

  • Knowledge on Reproductive Rights among Young Married Women in Higher Educational institution (Kilachery) – A Qualitative Study

  • Dr.M.Sudha R. James Michael Raj

India has witnessed the journey of women‘s emancipation from her house hold space to resurgence as super-women. However the recognition of reproductive rights of women in India still remains negligible. Reproductive rights continue to be ambiguous in the Indian context.Reproductive rights are understood only in the context of selective issues like child marriage, female foeticide, sex selection and menstrual health and hygiene issues

  • Preserving Cultural Heritage with specific reference to Paite Tribe

  • Dr Grace Don Nemching Dr Mercy Vungthianmuang Guite

The beauty of our existence lies in knowing what was our traditions, way of life and our past history.Culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations, thereby defining a person’s identity.Cultural heritage is our continuity with our past.There is always a story, an event, a history which defines our present current situation. In this paper ,we will discuss the cultural heritage of the Paite tribe who are mainly concentrated in the north east state of India, Manipur.


  • Dr Ravinder Kumar Gurpreet Kaur

Mother in an unique creation of god who has a significant place in everyone’s life. Without mother there is no existence of anyone in this world. It is mother who brings a child in this world after growing nine months in her womb. The purpose of this study to present the different protective motherhood through the mother characters of Toni Morrison who protects their children from differentways.Morrison’sthree novels including: Beloved(1978),Sula(1973) and AMercy(2008) have been taken for this study. Sethe being a mother in Morrison’s Beloved protect her daughters from the exploitation of slave masters. Her struggle can be seen when she killed her elder daughter to save from slavery and gives birth younger one after facing lots of hurdles and protects her from the evil eyes of society. Sethe protects them according which kind

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