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  • Human Body Composition Values Measured Through Izana Measuring Tape Remain Close to Values Measured Through In Body 770, DXA and Clinical Methods

Khwaja Ahmad Shadab

This paper includes the human body composition values measured through Izana Measuring Tape, the world’s first tape measure or measuring tape thatquickly determines the human body composition even at tissue and molecular levels.Such measured values are compared with the values achieved through InBody 770, ACCUNIQ BC 380, DXA and clinical methods. It is found that the human body composition values measured through this invented non-electric tape remain close to the values achieved through InBody 770, ACCUNIQ BC 380, DXA and clinical methods.

  • Identification of Potential Landfill Sites for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Using Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Sarah Khalil Siddiqui,

One of the main environmental challenges in non-industrialized countries is MSWM.In both urban and rural settings, managing MSW is essential for maintaining public health and high living standards.The most well-known method of solid waste disposal is still on land, despite several attempts to reduce and recycle waste.This study is aimed to locate suitable landfill sites utilizing GIS, remote sensing, and methods like AHP. A GIS, which has a large capacity for managing input data, was used to determine the best landfill sites in Lonikot and Mullah Kathiyar based on a variety of factors, including soil types, geology, elevation, slope, surface water, road map, lineament density, and wind direction. The pairwise comparison technique of the AHP

  • Estimation of Population Means Using Two-Phase Stratified Sampling

Gulshan Kumari

In this study, we looked at the problem of estimating the population mean using stratified random sampling in the context of non-response and measurement error. For alternative configurations of two-phase stratified sampling schemes, two different chain exponential to regression type estimators are produced separately. We devised successful imputation strategies to lessen the nuisance effect of random non-responses in practical surveys. The estimates' properties are investigated. The proposed strategy's performance has been demonstrated by numerical evidences carried over a data set of natural population and population developed through simulation research. We also looked at how the proposed technique performed for different values of random non-response probabilities.

  • Dielectric Studies of Ba0.06(Na1/2Bi1/2)0.94TiO3-Ba(Fe1/2Ta1/2)O3Solid Solution

Sumit Kumar Roy1, Sushil Kumar Pandey2,

In this work, the effects of addition of Ba(Fe1/2Ta1/2)O3 (BFT) on the dielectric behaviour of Ba0.06(Na1/2Bi1/2) 0.94TiO3 (BNBT) ceramics have been reported. The lead-free (1-x)BNBT-xBFT (where 0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0) solid-solutions were synthesized by traditional ceramics fabrication technique followed by sintering. Further, the dielectric measurement of solid solution was performed.


Ishwer Lal Jal, Dr. Kailash Kumar Swami

The current study was under taken in the urban area of Hanumangarh district Rajasthan during April, 2022 to March 2023. The result of the study shows that distribution of Aedes mosquitoes from Hanumangarh district. Indoor and outdoor sites of mosquitoes were reported in two localities. Cattle sheds and dwellings were reported to indoor study sites. Although six categories of tyres, mud pot, jerrican, bird water pots, cattels water pots, plastic drum, pipe leakage and stagnant water outdoor. In this period of sampling an account numbers of 101 adult dengue vectors were reported from two localities (locality I and locality II) of Hanumangarh district. The percentage of Aedes albopictus at cattle sheds was (40%) followed by Aedes aegypti (76.79%) and in human dwellings, Aedes albopictus (60.00%) followed by Aedes aegypti (23.21%) was recorded during 2022-2023.When we compared the different resting habitats of outdoor. In the rainy season, the numbers of vector mosquitoes were higher than other seasons.

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