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  • Hydrological and dissolved solute characteristics of Central Himalayan glaciers: a review

Pramod Kumar1* and Virendra Bahadur Singh2

Hydrological and dissolved solute characterization of Central Himalayan glaciers is very useful in water resource management study in the downward region of the country. Monsoonal months (July and August) have received maximum stream runoff in the Dokriani and Gangotri (Central Himalayan) glaciers. On the other hand, monsoonal months have also received maximum suspended sediment concentration (SSC) in the studied Central Himalayan glaciers

  • Study of selection of site for nest construction by Brahminy Starling

Dr. Arvind Kumar

Brahminy myna also known as Brahminy Starling. The body colour is pale reddish – fawn plumage. The beak is yellow with a bluish base. In both the sexes black crest is present on head. In male the crest are more prominent than female crest. This species built nest in cavity or holes in tree or boughs, in wall or roof of house, rocks, old building, railway station and wells. The brahminy starling is a single breeding bird in a breeding season. In this study it was observed that construction of nests were completed from March to the end of the April of 2016 and average height for nesting was 12.5 feet. Generally eggs were observed from April to May of 2016. In this study it was observed that nesting materials were twigs of neem, gulmohar, dry grass and leaves of local region, piece of cloths, plastic or transparent polythene strips, metal wire, bird feathers etc found in their nest. Selection of nesting site were depend on many factors such as completely safe from predators, adequate amount of food and water, protected from storms and naturally conducive for the development of chicks or reproductive success of brahminy myna.


Dr. Anjeli Garg

Fluffy Linear Programming models and strategies has been one of the most and all around concentrated on subjects inside the expansive area of Soft Computing. Its applications also as pragmatic acknowledge can be tracked down in every one of this present reality regions. In this paper a fundamental prologue to the principal models and strategies in fluffy numerical programming, with exceptional accentuation on those created by the creators, is introduced. Overall, Linear Programming issues with fluffy expenses, fluffy requirements and fluffy coefficients in the mechanical framework are dissected. At last, future innovative work lines are additionally brought up by zeroing in on fluffy sets based heuristic calculations.

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