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  • Solidification of radio contaminated natural materials into ordinary Portland cement

Y.A. Dawood, M. Abdel Geleel, Amaal.A.Tawfik and ELsisi.A. A1

Abstract This paper presents the result of a study on the use of natural materials(saw dust, rice husk,and sugar cane bagasse)for removing of some radionuclides from liquid radioactive waste. Contaminated natural materials used are saw dust, rice husk and bagasse which were used as untreated species and treated species (treated by KOH, HCl).These natural materials were solidified into ordinary Portland cement.Compressive strength of the final solid waste blocks has been performed. Effect of temperature, different additives types (with and without treatment) and different additives weights on the compressive strength has been carried out. At 50°C the compressive strength for samples contain untreated saw dust, rice husk and bagasse was 76, 25 and 45KN respectively, while at 200 °C compressive strength was 120, 20 and 40KN respectively

  • Structural, Optical and EDAX Studies on InSe Thin Films Grown by Vacuum Thermal Evaporation

Laxmikant P. Damodare

Indium Selenide thin films of thickness ≈500 nm were grown by thermal vacuum evaporation technique at pressure of ≈ 5×〖10〗^(-5) torr on pre-cleaned glass plates. The as-grown thin films were subjected to powder XRD confirming its hexagonal symmetry with a_o≈ 0.4043 nm and c_o≈1.740 nm. The lattice strain, ϵ≈0.0074 was calculated with Williamson-Hall model, The optical absorption studies of the semiconducting InSe in the region of λ≈500-2500 nm showed as per Tauc Plot, Eg ≈ 1.22 eV. It shows that thin films exhibit a direct optical band gap. The thin films were characterized by Energy Dispersive Analysis of X-rays for atomic percent composition yielding In ≈49.09±1.34 %, Se ≈49.13±1.21 %.

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