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  • “A Study of Welfare work and Social Security of Coal Mine Labours at Kamptee-Kanhan and Saoner in Nagpur District

Prof. Sujata Randhir

Labour is an important factor in the process of production. It is necessary that labour should be satisfied. It is also necessary to provide facilities to them other than remuneration. Labours working in coal mine are always under high risk. Even after taking precautions there are chances of accident in coal mines. Which measures do manager take to prevent accidents? As well as which measures are taken to provide medical facilities to labours working in and outside the coal mines? Which type of social security’s provided to family of labours which are partly injured or completely disabled or died in the mine while working? Whether labours or their family members get benefit of different welfare program?

  • Start-up strategies may decide the fate of your business

Swati Rajesh Padole

This is a Research Study under which the review of information collected from various secondary data sources is done to analyze the importance of start-up strategies while entering in to new venture specially keeping in mind the first generation entrepreneurs. In this study innovative approaches while starting an entrepreneurship are studied. Emphasis is given to inform to readers that choosing and implementing the right strategy is vital for a venture's survival.

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