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  • Internet of Things : Innovation in Cloud Services and Security Architecture

Devarshi Chatterjee and Prof (Dr) Devapriya Chatterjee

Organizations would manage multi-domain and cross-organizational deployments of IoT across trust boundaries. Big Data aspects of the IoT, that require security, would benefit from the innovative cloud services and security architecture. The data analytics, reporting systems, and data storage of IoT are the main guiding factors for securing these innovative services. The elements of security, that are the responsibilities of the customers, and of the cloud providers, need to be addressed. The paper reviews and identifies the external and the internal security threats, that are related to IoT, and delves into innovative cloud-based offerings and security controls. The paper explores a few cloud service providers, along with their software and security features. The paper also examines the building of an innovative IoT enterprise security architecture by studying the security functionality needed from the cloud. The paper

  • Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship—IoT and Data Analytics

Devarshi Chatterjee and Prof (Dr) Devapriya Chatterjee

We need to make a research on the emerging trends in computational technologies in entrepreneurship, that need to be of relevance to a wide range of applications of supply-chain management. Blockchain technologies are complemented by these technologies, and provide ways for improvement of efficiency and tracking of the operations of supply-chain management.

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