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  • Arc Welding Processes: Features, Applications and Limitations

Abdullahi Abdulrahem1, Sale Yakubu2, M. A Bawa3

Abstract: Generally, heat source is requiring to produce an arc hot enough to rises the temperature of the metals to melting zone before welding. However, it is proved to be possible to join two metal pieces together without much increase in temperature. There are different standard and methods adopted and more so, the search for a new and improves method of welding is still continuous. In most arc welding procedures, metals are melted to bring the parts together, so that on cooling the parts become one.

  • Inculcating TVET Education as A Guide in Career Building in Jigawa State Technical Colleges (A case study)

1Sale Yakubu, 2Auwal Salis Abdulwahab and 3Bala Hussaini

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to disseminate information on how Technical and Vocational education and Training (TVET) institutions in Nigeria (Jigawa State Technical Colleges as a case study) aims to produce workforce to meet industrial needs. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the real career building skills among TVET students in Jigawa State Technical Colleges. This study uses quantitative survey approach. Data were collected using a set of questionnaires developed based on the objectives of the paper and literature review. A total of 621 form 6 (SS 3) students from three different technical colleges were selected using disproportionate sampling method. The


Sharan Shegedar*a, C H Biradarb

Abstract: Global warming due to vehicle exhaust emissions, high oil prices, waste policies, pressure on imports and depletion of oil reserves have triggered an interest in finding alternative energy sources to meet demand and replace fossil fuels. The need of the hour is to find successful strategies for lowering emissions and to develop sustainable and long-term renewable fuels. Biofuels such as biodiesel, biogas, pyrolytic oil, and ethanol and other biomass sources are currently the subject of interest. The present report is focused on conversion of non-edible Honge de-oiled seed cake (the waste residue left after extraction of oil from the seed) into Honge bio-oil (HBO) through pyrolysis process and utilize the obtained bio-oil in diesel engine as alternative fuel.

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