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Abstract: With the growth of advancement in technology there is growing trend in teaching-learning process. Educators are also inspired to find variety of methods of teaching that are convenient to access. Author aims to study new advancement that are being adopted with the increasing amount of technology.With the world marching towards digitalization the need of hour is to adopt both the traditional ways i.e.,classroom teaching as well as virtual based teaching.

  • The Effective Implementation of Team Teaching to Develop Learning Intensity of Students in School Education

Hemantkumar Daga Chitte Prof.Dr.Uddhav Ashturkar

Abstract: Team teaching strategy is one of the enormous innovations in the field of teaching. The concept of team teaching originated in the USA in 1954 and found a way to develop curriculum and teaching strategies. This is a great innovation in the standpoint of teaching strategies.In simple terms, a team teaching strategy is a simple method where all the teachers of the subject together teach the classes in that subject.

  • The Role empowermentof women through ICT.

Ms. Minal B Mehetre

Abstract: The status of women is considered to be inferior even after her great contribution to society. It is the right time for women to stand for her. Women empowerment is a burning issue these days. Various NGOs are working for the betterment of women and give them training for self-independence. Government is also taking this issue seriously and has announced various policies in favor of women.


Dr Mange Ram

Abstract: Sports and its related conflicts around the world have led to joint efforts in sports for some others belonging to different regions of the world. It is explained that, inside a strong body lies a healthy mind. Through sports, students master social and scholastic abilities. A student who participates in wear activities is believed to have a healthy mind and hence, the chances of that person to succeed in his/her education are unusually high

  • From the Ancient Times, the Philosophical aspects of Physical Education and Sports


Abstract: As an academic discipline, the philosophy of sport has been in existence for a relatively short period. Although the philosophy of sport as an academic endeavour is relatively young, the philosophical view of sport itself is not new. Although sport was a major activity according to the Greeks and Romans, it lost its importance during the Middle Ages. After the Renaissance, education came to be seen as a necessity.

  • हिन्दी नवजागरण और दलित चेतना

डॅा0 योगेन्द्र प्रसाद मुसहर

Abstract: 19वीं शताब्दीे के सम्पूसर्ण विश्वज में नवजागरण की जो लहर उठी, वह एक आन्दोवलन का रूप ले लिया, हरआन्दोबलन की जड़ सामाजिक आधार होता है। भारतीय नवजागरण का आरंभ मुख्यवत: धार्मिक और सामाजिक सुधार के रूप में सामने आया इसका स्वारूप यूरोप के तमाम देशों से भिन्नग दिखाई पड़ता है, यहा सामंतीय तत्वोंआ और पूंजीवादी शक्तियों के बीच वैसा सीधा संघर्ष नहीं हो पाया जैसा कि यूरोप में हुआ। औधोगिक मजदूर वर्ग का अभाव और ब्रिटिश शासन सत्ता की नीतियॉ भी इसमें मुख्यइ रूप से बाधक सिद्ध हुई।

  • Sports Tourism: Its Impact and Raising New Avenues

Dr. Vinod Chahal

Abstract: Sports tourism is a new buzz word in the global tourism market, with more people traveling around the world to participate in or watch sporting events. This paper examines the impact of sports tourism on the economy, environment, and society, as well as the openings it presents for the development of new tourism products and services. In addition to the traditional sports tourism events, such as attending live sporting events or participating in sports tournaments, new avenues are arising in adventure sports tourism, and virtual sports events

  • The Emergence of New Woman in ‘Kanthapura’

Dr Geeta Gupta

Abstract: Before independence, Indian society was full of prejudices and malpractices against women who were discriminated regardless of their class. Many orthodox traditions were prevalent like Sati Pratha, child marriage, prohibition of widow remarriage etc. Literature of at that time depicted plight of women and widows. Raja Rao, in his first and best-known novel, presents a fictional south Indian villageKanthapura which gets influenced by Gandhi philosophy and transformed after participating in freedom struggle. He webs the story with emergence of new women who rebel against conformists, challenge the exploitation and exercise their authority. The present paper intends to highlight the progressive outlook of the writer to depict transformation of women physically, mentally and psychologically.

  • A Geospatial Analysis of Rohtak City, India, Focusing on Urban Growth and The Effects It Has on The Cityscape

Bharti, Dr. Anand Kumar

Abstract: Rohtak was chosen as one of eight priority locations to develop into Regional Centres in the NCR Regional Plan 2001. The Indian city of Delhi lies around 70 kilometres to the north-west. National Highway No. 10 passes through it, and its total area is 100.57 km2. It is located at 28°41′ N latitude and 76°12′ E longitude, in the NCR region of the state of Haryana. In the year 2001, it was predicted that the city's population would rise to half a million. The area's urbanisation rate remained dishearteningly low despite its closeness to the nation's capital. The city of Rohtak grew more slowly than the rest of Haryana during the thirty years ending in 2001

  • An Analysis of Happiness, Adjustment & Awareness of Elderly Persons: A Study of Haryana State

Dr Rakesh Kumar Prof Prem Kumar

Abstract: A study in Haryana state analysed elderly people's knowledge and awareness of old-age homes and the Senior Citizens act 2007. Results showed that 56.44% were knowledgeable about old-age homes, mostly learned from friends, but 80.69% were not aware of the act, mostly learned from media. Awareness was higher among within-family respondents than old-age home residents. 61.88% of within-family respondents had irregular interactions with friends, and 77.48% saw their daughter-in-law as important in their lives.

  • Public Health Facilities in Bangladesh: An Analysis from Political Perspective

Ashoke Chandra Biswas

Abstract: The government of Bangladesh spends substantial amounts of resources on health services but its satisfaction is often expressed over availability and quality of these services. The data shows that, in general, women and the poor are more likely to use these facilities. It is found that although physical accessibility is no longer a major barrier, economic accessibility remains as a major hurdle. The poor people are the largest users of public health facilities but they also bear a disproportionate share of the burden of ill health and sufferings. There exist a number of governance issues which contribute to poor quality of health services in Bangladesh. The data reveal that government efforts to improve health service delivery have not yet produced the desired results for the people. Rebuilding hope among the patients requires great attention. Urgent governance issues must be addressed to ensure that health service providers are available at the facilities.Minimum amount of drugs reach the patients and unofficial payments are very rare.

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