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  • Hinduisation of Manipuri (Meitei): A contemporary re-interpretation

N Amarjit Singha

Abstract: Manipuri are the people of one of the branches of the Indo-Mongoloids. These Kuki-Chin speaking people had their own religious belief and cultural tradition. Some of the experts are of the opinion that they were taken into the mainstream of Indian culture by Indianization or Hinduisation. Whatever, it may mean by the migration of Brahmins or adoption of Hinduism, but only after 12th century. Indian scholars who are interested in eastern Indian history made it very clear that Manipur and Manipuri had a connection with Indian culture from Vedic age. However, sources form local text and other various means does not support this theory. Migration of Indians may start very early for various purposes but not for Hinduisation of Manipuri (Meitei). It was only after the 12thcentury with permission and acknowledgement of Royal family of Manipur, Hinduism was beginning to bloom at very fast pace.

  • Paper in Punjabi

ਵਕ੍ਹ ਰ।ੋਡਜ਼ਿਦੋ ੲ"ੋ

Abstract: Paper in Punjabi

  • "Queering the Stages: Unraveling the Representation of LGBT Identities in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani"

Dr. Ekta Sharma

Abstract: This research paper, titled "Queering the Stages: Unraveling the Representation of LGBT Identities in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani," aims to critically analyze the portrayal of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) identities in the theatrical works of Mahesh Dattani, a renowned Indian playwright. The study delves into the intersection of gender, sexuality, and social constructs as reflected in Dattani's plays, exploring how he challenges traditional norms and provides a platform for marginalized voices.Through a comprehensive examination of select plays, including "On a Muggy Night in Mumbai" and "Dance Like a Man," this paper examines Dattani's depiction of diverse LGBT characters and their struggles within a predominantly heteronormative society


Ankita Sharma

Abstract: We are influenced by advertisements at subliminal level much deeply than it appears apparently. Ads influence our decisions and the way we think. In Ad world, usual men and women are presented in an unusual manner. People are influenced to buy products by influencing them with the help of images of ‘perfect’ men and women. ‘Images’ rule today’s world. Everything that once “directly lived has moved away into a representation” (Elliott 187).Modern Ad world has created a pseudo world where ‘created’ images affect us. We as consumers don’t rationalize about the superficiality of the Ad world before making purchasing decisions. The real is no longer real in the Ad world.

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