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  • Origin of Thornton Wilder’s Stage Manager and its Comparison with Sutradhara of Sanskrit Drama

Mosarraf Hossain,

Abstract: Undoubtedly, the creation of Stage Manager is one of the important contributions of Thornton Wilder (c.1897-1975) to the field of American drama. His idea of the Stage Manager in regards to its role and function in his plays is experimental and multidimensional. An endeavour is made in this paper to trace the origin of or reasons behind Wilder's creation of the Stage Manager in his plays, and in the process, it also points out some similarities and dissimilarities the character has in terms of technicality and functionality with the Sutradhara of Sanskrit Drama.

  • Bharati Mukherjee: A Writer of Indian Diaspora

Dr Priscilla Sam

Abstract: Diaspora can occur spontaneously or as a result of other events. A catastrophe, expulsion, or forced relocation away from war and persecution are all possible. Additionally, dispersal can be triggered by both coercion and choice. Diasporas can arise in response to both cumulative and ad hoc crises. Numerous people travel to host countries in order to earn money, study, or work, get married or other reasons, frequently in the midst of a great deal of conflict. This is the reason for the diaspora's diversity. All cultural interests, tastes, cuisines, music, sports, and poetry are comparable.The history of the world has played a critical part in the history of migration and cross-border living.

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