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  • A Study on Basic Technique of Manipuri Raas Leela (A Classical Dance of Indian)

Dr. Pukhrambam Lilabati Devi

Abstract: Technique is perceived as the basis of all fundamentals of Dance inclusive of essential parts such as forms, posture, skills, movements and styles etc. Postural alignment, flexibility, core strength and artistic expression are to be well defined towards study of dance technique (Jazz).


Nisha Kumari1, Dr. Naresh Kumar2

Abstract: The picture of women, the whole globe have been very horde in their appearance, as they have been very wealthy in their piece and very variegated in their character. Gotten from the distinctive occasions and diverse climes, even a random example of these images before long uncovers the wide range of extravagance of their code, substance and treatment, their colors and forms. There is, be that as it may, no denying the way that the one-time idealized and loved images of women have experienced some unprecedented metamorphosis all the world over, particularly in the nineteenth and the twentieth century's. The present part is following the journey for identity or distinction. Identity, universally, depicts a person's commencement and presence of their distinction or accumulation relationship with general and advancing identity. The focal point of thought is that a person's wisdom of identity is solid disapproved for the most part by the choices and guarantees finished concerning unmistakable individual and social characteristics.

  • Corporate Social responsibility and Businesses in India: An Overview

Dr.Manoj Kumar Singh

Abstract: The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” became popular in the 1960s and has remained a term used indiscriminately by many to cover legal and moral responsibility more narrowly constructed.

  • ‘Life Behind the Veil and Beyond’ in Imtiaz Dharker’s Poetry

Mr. Nishigandh Satav

Abstract: The poetry of Imtiaz Dharker is an inimitable blend of simplicity and spontaneity. Her poetry, to use Wordsworth’s words, is a “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” Beginning with an attack on the prescriptive religion which has stifled humanity, the effortless ease with which Imtiaz conveys her message creates an atmosphere of purity, freshness and innocence symbolic of nature untouched and undisturbed by the craftiness and crookedness of human civilization.

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