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  • A Study on Basic Technique of Manipuri Raas Leela (A Classical Dance of Indian)

Dr. Pukhrambam Lilabati Devi

Abstract: Technique is perceived as the basis of all fundamentals of Dance inclusive of essential parts such as forms, posture, skills, movements and styles etc. Postural alignment, flexibility, core strength and artistic expression are to be well defined towards study of dance technique (Jazz). Mastery over wide ranges of dance like exercises, expressive performance, warm up and cool down, rhythm, timing, gesture, space and motif are equally to be well crafted under chorography activity for impressive continuity and presentation. Manipuri RaasLeela bring a sacred dance form playing outwardly as natures shringarRas but inwardly embarking an all Rasas, the divine qualities, is embodied by strict composition of techniques and styles. These sacred techniques which have brought up the dance to the status of the few classical dances of India, shall be aimed to explain elaborating at the scholar’s best capacity.

  • Dramatic Technique in Hayavadana

Deepak Dhillon

Abstract: Yvor Winters expounds artistic process in his In Defence of Reason as: one of moral exploration of human experience, by means of technique which renders an evaluation more precise than other. The poet tries to understand his experience in rational terms. (qtd. In Wimsat and Brooks 669-70)

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