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*A.Vyshnavi Devi M.A. (English), (B.Ed), UPGC,Subedari,Hanamkonda, Kakatiya University,Warangal(T.S.)-506001

Abstract: Girish Karnad the proponent of secularism, multi-culturalism and the freedom of expression. Popularly known as a renaissance man, Karnad, is one of the set light to bearers to Indian dramatists. In the dominion of contemporary drama his place is remarkable. He has directed and acted in many films in Kannad, Marathi and Hindi. He has found a new approach in Indian drama by drawing historical and mythological sources to tackle contemporary themes. As a multifaceted dynamic writer he has a historic vision but a contemporary voice. He is one of the most prolific writers of Indian drama writing at the beginning in Kannada and translating himself his plays into English. The present paper focus on Karnad‘s Yayati, (1961) initially written in Kannada, conveys the message of performance of duty and acceptance of responsibility. In this play, Karnad presents the age-old story of the mythological King Yayati who was the tenth in the line of the Brahma‘s family.

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