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  • Where Shall We Go This Summer? : Damaging Impacts of Violent Urban Culture.

Gurpreet Kaur

Abstract: Women novelists necessarily have a special way of looking at things because they live in severely confined spheres. The study of isolation experienced by women in a male dominated society is a significant modern trend. In the Indian society women are not allowed to play any active role in decision-making. They are ignored or brushed aside. In such a situation Desai tries to focus on the predicament of women in Indian society. Her women characters appear to be exceptionally talented, but constantly disturbed

  • Search for Inner Harmony in Divakaruni’s Novels

Dr. Vaibhav Dutt Sharma

Abstract: The present paper is an attempt to study women’s struggle to find inner harmony and love on the existence and shaping of the women personalities through the novels of Indian diasporic writer Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. She, like other feminist writers, has shown feminism through her works in literature as well as social work. The research paper essentially highlights how her female protagonists, not like stereotyped Indian women who are ready to suffer, have become independent and want to live life with dignity

  • The female voices in D.H. Lawrence: Critical study of Women in Love

Monika Gill

Abstract: The present paper attempts to highlight the resonance of the female voice in the works of D.H. Lawrence.Lawrence created characters that highlight the nuance of female individuality in the age of patriarchal dominance. He is the pioneer writer who shows his women in search of their identity.His females are original creatures who pave the way through their own struggle to touch the essence of the feminine core

  • Beyond Words: Linguistic Dynamics in Kashmiri English Literature and a Comparative Analysis of Kashmiri English Novels

Dr. Shabeena Parveen

Abstract: This exploration digs into the nuanced etymological elements inside Kashmiri English books, introducing a similar examination that investigates the transaction of language, culture, and character. Against the background of Kashmir's mind-boggling history and semantic variety, the review looks at how English fills in as a mechanism for articulation, especially in the domain of novelistic stories.

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