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  • Numerical Analysis on Growth of Angiogenesis Cancer with delay differential equations

Mr. John Abhishek Masih1, Prof. Rajiv Phillip2, Manish Sharma3

A mathematical model presented with the help of delay differential equations and a systematic study of the growth on angiogenesis cancer. This model is investigated using stability theory as well as equilibria. Using the theory of delay differential equations and the basic reproduction R_0 is a measure of the potential for disease spread in a population. We observe that the growth of cancer infection free equilibrium is unstable because the basic reproduction number R_0<1.

  • Fundamentals and applications of Artificial Neural Networks

Dr. M. Naveen Kumar Dr. J. Purushotham

The artificial neural networks is a mimic of the biological neurons and its aim is to build up needful computers related to a real-word problems and data evaluation techniques such as pattern recognition, forecasting, classification and generalization by using strong processing units called artificial neurons. In other words, the neural network revolves around the idea that certain properties of biological neurons and creating a simulated brain to solve a specific problems related to pattern recognition, data classification and forecasting. The intelligence of ANN and its ability to solve critical problems through a highly complex connectivity of neurons through its massive parallel-distributed structure. In present scenario, the ANN algorithms and architectures can be implemented in VLSI technology for real time applications. In the last few years, the applications of the ANN has increased drastically. This paper presents the fundamentals and applications of artificial neural networks.

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