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  • Organizational Effectiveness in relation to Leadership Style, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Culture of Telecommunication Organizations

Dr. Ravindra Manju Gehlawat

Expanding competition, globalization of organizations and business and the rapid change in market and innovations has empowered the telecommunication sector organizations to consider various ways and systems to increase focused edge in the market place. The present study aimed to compare the organizational effectiveness, leadership style, organizational citizenship behavior and organizational culture of BSNL and Vodafone Idea Ltd.

  • A study on awareness and customer preference about online food ordering services in Pune.

Ms. Rajeshree S Pol

There is growing demand of online food services due to busy life patterns, smartphone craze and technosavy young generation who are looking for variety in foods in everyday life. Whatever age group or status the customer belongs too they are found to be cautious while ordering online food services. They want the best option. This cautious attitude of customers is putting the online food ordering services in competitive situation as the options for online food ordering services are growing in the market.

  • Knowledge Sharing Behavior among the Academics in State universities in Sri Lanka: Investigating the Determinants

R H G W P K Henegedara D G M P M Gamage

Universities play a major role in disseminating knowledge. Although the prime duty of academicsin universities is to share the knowledge, it is reported that academics have less intentions to actually share the knowledge they possess.This lacuna among the academics impact adversely as academics are expected to introduce solutions for managerial problems and to promote innovation.

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