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  • Naturally, the emergence of world order is to maintain international peace, order and tranquility among world powers where there will be checks and balances between and among the leaders of the world on one hand and the weaker ones on the other hand. However, the ongoing war in Ukraine by the Russian federation leading to several killings, maiming, prisoner of war, grave destructions of property, land grabbing, among others, could be said to negate the yearnings and aspirations of world players in attaining orderliness.

1Olusola James Oladejo FCA Ph.D& 2Gbenga Isaac Olorunsola PhD, FCIB

The concept of micro-finance in Nigeriahas evolved over the years following other well developed like Kenya in the sub-Saharan Africa. Given the importance of credit risk in microfinance operations, it is expected that the effectiveness of microfinance risk management systems, processes, procedures,activities, methods,and incentives would have a significant influence on loan performance.

  • A Study of Growth and Claim Settlement of Micro Insurance in India during Recent Decade

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

In developing and emerging markets, micro insurance is a crucial tool for safeguarding the health and way of life of underserved low-income groups. It offers a way for the poor to protect their cattle, crops, and other property against the hazards associated with natural disasters like fires, floods, and droughts. The poor are more susceptible to these risks than the general population, and they can be severely affected by unexpected bad events that have not been planned for or covered by insurance


Poonam Rani

In India, both public and private commercial banks are actively operating. The current evaluation makes an effort to assess the financial success of selected Indian commercial banks. These banks' financial performance is pitiful when compared to other financial institutions. The analysis shows that during the examination period, private area banks consistently outperformed public area banks in terms of financial performance. Additionally, the analysis uses the board data assessments to look at the effects of liquidity, dissolvability, and efficiency on the benefit of the selected Indian commercial banks, i.e. A strong financial sector is essential for extending loans to various sectors as it develops so that businesses can operate without difficulty

  • Critical Analysis on Investment in Digitalisation of HR Services in India

1Prof. Akshay Vipinchandra Ugile, 2Prof. Dilip Pandit Kotkar

Digitalization has drastically changed a number of sectors, and one of the most important areas of research is how it affects organisational effectiveness. In order to determine how digitalization would affect organisational performance, this article offers a thorough and critical examination of the investment made in digitalizing HR services in India. Through the development of a digital transformation model based on various case studies and a literature review, the study takes a systematic approach to dealing with digital transformation.

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